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Our elite diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) leadership learning experience—RISE @ Work—is built on a three-tiered approach, informed by:

  • The Adaptive Leadership technique developed by renowned academics at Harvard’s Kennedy School
  • A team of highly qualified consultants and coaches thoroughly trained in depth over the course of a year in partnership with the University of San Diego’s School of Leadership & Education Sciences
  • Fun, interactive, team-oriented proprietary learning modules and activities

Overview: Employing both an experiential and conceptual approach to the program design, RISE@Work is a leader in workplace diversity, equity and inclusion, and conflict management training that emphasizes inclusive leadership. Our workshops and training modules build cross-functional skills and competencies that 21st Century organizations need to build inclusive workplaces in an increasingly complex and diverse world.


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Our diverse team of consultants and coaches work with organizational leaders on an individual basis to achieve goals centered around diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. Where our workshops and training modules provide group experiences and activities to assist teams and the staff as a whole to dig into issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, our coaches and consultants take our clients through in-depth processes on an ongoing basis to find the solutions that work and changes that stick.

What’s the difference between coaching and consulting? Our coaching services are there to take leaders through a creative process whereby they ideate the solutions, try them out, and then go through a feedback process to conclude what they believe works best alongside the support of an expert in coaching as well as diversity, equity and inclusion. Our consulting services are here to provide insights, advice and opinions from the collective wealth of expertise held by our consultants.


Looking for an engaging keynote speaker on the topics of diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace for your event? Or how about a workshop presenter on inclusive leadership? RISE@Work has an impressive team of public speakers who have delivered all manner of speaking arrangements on virtually any topic that touches on diversity, equity, inclusion, leadership, talent, workforce development, and the workplace.

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